4 Months-Up

May is now behind us and summer is on the way (not that we get much of a summer here in London, but hey). And it’s time for 1001-Up.com’s four-month round-up.

Featured - 4 Months-Up

We wanted to start by saying a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone out there who has ever heard of, looked at, liked or followed our little site. At the end of last month we’d managed to get ourselves a total of 30 followers and views from 76 countries across the world and – while that might not seem a lot when compared to the big gaming websites – it makes us feel humbled and we really appreciate the support. Take a look at the Big-Up section below and make sure we’ve given you a mention (feel free to tell us of if we haven’t)!

Following on from the update in our 3 Months-Up article, it’s with regret that we must announce that Grey has sadly decided postpone his position as a full-time member of 1001-Up.com. Unfortunately, since relocating to the UK from South Africa earlier this year he doesn’t have enough personal time to dedicate to the team. However, you might still see him around on the site in the future so keep your eye out for him, ladies.

Obviously this is sad news but for every grey cloud there’s a silver lining: we’re looking for contributors and would love to hear from anyone who has a passion for gaming and writing (a fondness for donating chocolate to the team wouldn’t be a bad thing either). Are you the perfect person to do a review on a title in our 1001 list, is there an indie project you’d like to promote, or have you got a unique perspective on the gaming industry? Get in touch with us using the contact details on the left if you’re interested, and check out the Contribute-Up section below for further information.

June 2013 will see the team in Birmingham for this year’s Rezzed, so come and say hello to us if you’re going to be there because we’d love to get your photo for the site! We’re official backers for the Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey Kickstarter project so expect to see us in the front row for Red Thread Games’ developer session.

There’s more coming to look forward to – including the Eurogamer expo in September and other events through the summer – so as usual, please stick with us and we promise not to disappoint. We’re updating our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts regularly so be sure to connect with us to stay on top of all the goings-on with the team.

Thanks again for your support – from Kimmy, P-Diddy and W1ngman at 1001-Up.com. ☆


  • Fancy becoming a contributor? Then contact us using the details to on the left.
  • We’re looking for people who want to write reviews, promote indie projects, or publish articles on their observations or experiences of the gaming world.
  • 1001-Up.com maintains the right to edit your article before it’s published (Kimmy – aka the grammar police – will probably update something).
  • If your work is to contain images, these should be 640 x 480 pixels in size and not contain any branding.
  • Submitted videos will be edited so they can contain the 1001-Up.com intro and exit.
  • Please be aware that once published, your article will be credited to you but will become the property of 1001-Up.com.
  • You’re free to link to the article on other websites but it must not be reposted anywhere else.
  • If we like you (and you buy us chocolate), who knows – this could be the start of a beautiful relationship…
  • BIG-UP:

  • Sam from Create Blog
  • 3dg3d3m0n
  • 3DTotal.com
  • 40Billion
  • al6560 from Chatter Cams
  • Ant Carpendale
  • Ari Stenberg
  • Atomhawk Design
  • Aubrey Erickson
  • The guys from Beer and Joysticks
  • CainTheConqueror from Wiseguy Industries Media
  • Christine from Project Light of Life
  • Cristian Mihai
  • Eric Patton from Weight Loss Exposed
  • Gabriel from ArchangelTravel
  • GAME, Camden Town
  • The Gaming Grad
  • Gee Cameron
  • Glenn Folkes
  • Happion Laboratories
  • High Class Kitsch
  • James Revels from Audio Sexxx
  • Jan Bergmans from BNLYFilm
  • kahyehm from Life’s Happy Rants
  • Kendall F Person from thepublicblogger
  • Kent Hudson
  • Kiara
  • Kiara Everglot
  • Kyle Olson from Kyle Olson’s blog
  • LayerPaint
  • Lesley Carter from Bucket List Publications
  • lukeripa from EnginEffect
  • Martin MacLeod-Brown
  • Michael Armstrong from Strong Blogs
  • Moeez Siddiqui
  • Nine Dot Studio
  • nopreownedgametax
  • Opinionated Man from HarsH ReaLiTy
  • Photos by Lyndon
  • Prakhar 007
  • Prophet Brahmarishi
  • The guys from Pura Vida! eh?
  • Rhyan Lotto
  • rifki5904 from gamespcblogdotcom
  • samdeacon from childeofthenight
  • Shimky from Wonderful Cinema
  • Silk Road Collector
  • skidpro from The Manic Zone
  • Teeny Bikini from The Jiggly Bits
  • Tony from Wannabe Code Monkey
  • Trista DiGiuseppi
  • Ray Ferrer from Emotion on Canvas
  • Vittoria Maul from The Film Junkie
  • The guys from What’s Your Tag?
  • Woodenshark
  • Zachary Lyons
  • zeekapitein
  • zma752 from Zany Zach’s Blog
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