Battle of the exclusives: Wii U

The PlayStation 4 put on a strong show in round one of our battle of the exclusives yesterday. The next round sees the Wii U step up to the ring but how will Nintendo’s baby fare against the other next-generation consoles?

Title - Wii U Buy It

Nintendo decided not to hold a press conference at E3 last week and by all accounts it was smart move: it would have looked like a desperate attempt to get attention what with all the fuss about Sony and Microsoft. But general opinion across the internet seems to be that they played it a little too safe with their ‘Nintendo Direct’ and, although many are looking forward to the upcoming releases, there wasn’t enough of a ‘wow’ factor to really get the company noticed.

Check out the video below for a montage of the exclusives set for the Wii U over the coming year, along with the team’s opinions.

  • P-Diddy: “Unfortunately I just cannot get excited about Wii U games. Most of them are just another sequel to an ageing series, especially anything with Mario in it. I understand that the benefit of Nintendo titles is their fun gameplay which appeals to the masses of casual gamers, but nothing grabs my attention. I’m sticking with the true next-generation consoles with releases that typically have a lot more depth – anything with motion control just doesn’t attract the same level of attention for Xbox and Playstation gamers.”
  • Kimmy: “Some of the titles don’t look too bad but I can’t say that there’s anything I’m desperate to get my hands on. It just doesn’t feel like Nintendo are doing enough to compete with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One right now.”
  • W1ngman: “Same old games with the same old characters – once again we have Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Link heading up the exclusives. This is pretty much the same lineup Nintendo had in the 1980s, and twenty years of the same thing probably explains why they’ve fallen so far in recent years.”
  • Stay tuned for the final round tomorrow, in which we’ll be taking a look at the exclusives lined up for the Xbox One.

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