5 Months-Up

It’s that time again – no, not time to play more video games. Well yes, that too – but give us a couple of minutes and we’ll update you on what’s been happening for the 1001-Up.com team over the past month.

Featured - 5 Months-Up

Yet again, we want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone out there who has ever heard of, looked at, liked or followed our little site. You continue to amaze us: over the past month we’ve managed to hit a total of 38 followers and views from 84 countries across the world, and the numbers just keep on growing. It might not seem like a lot when compared to some of the major gaming websites but we’re humbled and greatly appreciate the support. If you don’t see yourself mentioned in the Big-Up section below, please let us know and we’ll rectify that.

June 2013 saw the 1001-Up.com team travel to Birmingham for this year’s Rezzed and, as promised in our 4 Months-Up update, we made it into the front row for Red Thread Games’ developer session on their upcoming adventure Dream Chapters: The Longest Journey. Kimmy was completely starstruck – just take a look at the photos on her Best of Rezzed article! P-Diddy and W1ngman also got into the action with their Prison Architect and Sneaksneak posts respectively, and we managed to get our hands on a number of indie titles that we’ll certainly be purchasing once they’re released.

We met so many lovely people at Rezzed, and we’d particularly like to thank the guys at Frambosa (Sneaksneak), Seaven Studio (Ethan: Meteor Hunter</em>), Micro Macro Games (Morphopolis) and Over the Top Games (Full Mojo Rampage). They’ve been extremely kind to spare us some of their valuable time and answer our questions, so we’ll hopefully be bringing you some amazing previews over the coming weeks.

As we announced last month, we’d love to hear from anyone who has a passion for gaming and writing (a fondness for donating chocolate to the team wouldn’t be a bad thing either). We’ve already had several wonderful writers contact us so look out for their articles throughout July! We’ve also now set up a dedicated Contributors page so, if you’re interested in joining in or want to find out more about who’s currently working with us, head on over there.

One last thing we’d like to tell you about is our discussions around holding an event for charity in several months’ time. The team has done a lot of fundraising for Cancer Research UK over the past five years and we’re all up for doing our bit for a good cause; now it’s time to broaden our altruistic horizons with a worldwide charity and a gaming edge. More information will be published as soon as details are available but if you’d like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to give the team a shout.

So please stick with us because there’s plenty more coming to look forward to. We’re updating our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts regularly so be sure to connect with us to stay on top of all the goings-on with the team.

You guys rock – from Kimmy, P-Diddy and W1ngman at 1001-Up.com. ☆


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