Top 5 memes: Skyrim

Any self-respecting gamer would have played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by now, although perhaps not have completed the game considering how long it is. We scour the web to bring you the top five memes for one of the best video game releases in recent years.

Title - Top 5 memes Skyrim

5. “I am your sword and your shield”

Image 1 - Top 5 memes Skyrim

There is nothing worse than lining up your favourite shout and hitting the fire button just as your follower gets in the way. Get out the f**king way Lydia! No wonder so many people spent hours using FUS-RO-DAH to launch her off the highest mountain.

4. Five-fingered discounts for all

Image 2 - Top 5 memes Skyrim

Unfortunately this was patched. The NPCs now throw the bucket off their heads but it was fun while it lasted.

3. Skyrim logic

Image 3 - Top 5 memes Skyrim

Nobody is perfect, so when a game as big as Skyrim has a brain fart such as this I’m happy to let it go. The problem is this failed logic continues through the whole game: nobody appreciates your efforts, making it feel static.

2. “I used to be an adventurer…”

Image 4 - Top 5 memes Skyrim

A Skyrim classic joke that everybody is now sick of, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be considered for second place due to it’s original popularity. It also hasn’t stopped some people from getting arrow tattoos on their knees.

1. Don’t. Kill. The chicken.

Image 5 - Top 5 memes Skyrim

We’ve all done it, and we’ve all been too embarrassed to admit this happened during our first time playing Skyrim. This meme makes to it first place as it signifies a moment of pure shock and horror when the entire town of Riverwood declares war against our favourite dragonborn adventurer.


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