Swing on over for the Energy Hook alpha

Energy Hook, currently in development by Happion Labs, saw a quirky Kickstarter project where developer Jamie Fristrom asked for only $1 but ended up with $41,535. The game is currently in it’s alpha stages but if you missed out on the backing opportunity or just can’t wait that long, you’re able to pay up now for instant access.

Title - Kickstarter success for Energy Hook

I last wrote about Energy Hook back in June when the Kickstarter project completed successfully. At the time the title was in its earliest stages but with a lot of great ideas on the way to expand the gameplay. Fristrom developed the much-loved swinging mechanic in PS2 and Xbox title Spider-Man 2, realised the potential for creating an entire game around it, and began work on Energy Hook.

The latest update to backers revealed some new features and updates to the title but also introduced the ability for those who missed the Kickstarter to pre-order and get instant access to the alpha. Those who want to increase their backing level can contact Fristrom directly; instructions on how to do so have been sent to backers. Entry to the alpha costs $35 from the official website.

A sneak-peak at Oculus mode from the developer blog.

A sneak-peak at Oculus mode from the developer blog.

An exciting new feature added recently is support for a first-person view, which is extremely important considering the stretch goal for Oculus Rift support was reached. Other additions include new animations, the ability to do spins or flips, and some new levels such as challenge maps. I haven’t yet had a chance to get my hands on the game as I’m waiting for the beta but I’m really looking forward to trying Energy Hook. The game is making great progress considering it’s only being worked on by one guy but Fristrom is an experienced developer who is able to push the project forward faster than other less-experienced people.

If you’d like to help out Happion Labs, or even if you don’t, please visit the Steam Greenlight page to give Energy Hook the thumbs-up. Getting the title listed on the platform will help give Fristrom the attention his project deserves. The release date is currently listed as early 2014 and the game will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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