Every Day is Play halfway there

Recently we wrote about a fantastic new project we backed on Kickstarter. But this campaign is something a little bit different: it’s not an exciting new indie game that we’re salivating over, but a classy-looking a book called Every Day is Play by Matthew Kenyon.

everyday is play title image

Every Day is Play will showcase the drawings and artwork of game designers, writers, artists and musicians. These people have created something taking inspiration from a particular title, their favourite console or a specific era in gaming history. The book will feature titles that we grew up with and love, and Kenyon’s work is going to be a beautiful piece that shows a wealth of creativity.

Since our last article, many exciting additions have been made. The first is a new £45 pledge tier in which you’ll receive a custom-wrapped special book with a unique cover that features a randomly-selected piece of art. The second is a fun concept: a backer-created poster, where backers will get a certain number of pixels on a blank canvas to create whatever they want to truly represent the gaming community. Something else we’re excited about is the fact that Humble Bundle have been confirmed to feature in the book; whether they do an interview or create some art, we can’t wait to see their contribution.

Classic consoles and characters will bring a smile to your face

Classic consoles and characters will bring a smile to your face.

At time of writing Every Day is Play has reached fifty percent of its £26,000 funding target with ten days still left to go. With your support it’s a very achievable goal so get on to Kickstarter to back this amazing project. The chance to see how how gamers and gaming professionals see the digital world we love to lose ourselves will be a fascinating insight, and you’ll want to go back to the book again and again.

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