Cara Ellison leads Dota workshop for newbies

I wrote recently about how MOBA games are sometimes taken too seriously by the average gamer, and received some great responses from expert players that I’ll be sharing soon. In my quest to learn more about the new-player-experience I’ve signed up for a Dota 2 newbie workshop at the Virgin Media Game Space in London.

Title - Cara Ellison leads Dota workshop for newbies

The Virgin Media Game Space is a drop-in event open for a limited time in Shoreditch, London between 27 August and 21 September 2013. There are events running from Tuesday to Saturday each week including workshops, developer Q&A sessions, and straight-forward indie gaming. If you’re in the city and interested in checking the place out, take a look at their What’s Happening page.

As I mentioned previously, my intrigue in playing Dota 2 got the better of me when I was struggling with how to get experience learn about each of the heroes without jumping online and getting a screen full of complaints from my teammates. There’s an offline mode with bots but without another human there to guide and teach me the lingo, I wasn’t going to learn very quickly and it put me off.

What's going on here? I'll soon be finding out at the Dota 2 newbie workshop.

What’s going on here? I’ll soon be finding out at the Dota 2 newbie workshop.

The upcoming workshop on 12 September 2013 aims to teach the basics of Valve’s extremely-complicated Dota 2 to newbies such as myself and teases the idea of pairing up with other players in what they call ‘multi-multiplayer’. The session will be led by veteran video game critic Cara Ellison whose writing includes articles for The Guardian, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, PC Gamer and her own blog Hard Consonant.

I’m really looking forward to this workshop: it’ll be interesting to hear what Ellison has to say about the genre and to see how quickly others learn how to play, assuming I don’t get too distracted with my own learning. If you’re interested in attending, it’s free and doesn’t take long to book a place on the workshop. Visit the What’s Happening page and scroll down to find the ‘How to DOTA tournament’ event to book a place. The workshop is scheduled to run between 10.30 and 16.00 on 12 September 2012.


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