LoL player profile: Pacific Kyrie

I recently invited players of games within the MOBA genre to share their first experiences with us and a number of people have contacted us. Our first response comes from League of Legends player Pacific Kyrie who’s hard work has earned her sponsorship as a professional player of Pacific E-sport in the Philippines.

Title - MOBA games Why so serious

For the players that have contacted us, we asked a set of questions about their first experiences of their favourite MOBA game. Below are our questions and their responses.


  • Player name: Pacific Kyrie
  • MOBA game played: League of Legends
  • Role: Solo top lane / support
  • Experience level: Professional eSports
  • Team: Pacific Girls
  • Website(s): Kyrie.CloudGirl and Girls who play League of Legends
  • Pacific Kyrie worked hard to become a sponsored professional player, and was also invited to be a guest shoutcaster of the Garena Premier League 2013.

    Pacific Kyrie was invited to be a guest shoutcaster at the Garena Premier League 2013.


    When you first began playing League of Legends, how was your first experience online? Did any experienced players help you out or did you learn how to play on your own?

    “Before I tried League of Legends I was already playing other MOBA games like DotA so I was already really familiar with the whole gameplay and just had to adjust a little bit to survive and cope with LoL. It was actually my boyfriend who forced me to play LoL and leave DotA behind. We have close friends who are already part of LoL’s competitive scene and they really guided us become better LoL gamers. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine myself learning and enjoying without them. I owe them who I am today.

    “During my first few months, I really felt ashamed of myself every time we played since I was usually the cause of our defeat because I was a newbie and also every time I did something wrong before (during our game) my boyfriend would yell at me and tell me really unpleasant things that hurt me, it destroyed my self-esteem and pride. I guess those experiences really challenged me; I wanted revenge, so I decided to be really serious, improve and be better than my boyfriend. I know it sounds silly but I really hated it when men try to discriminate us ‘girl-gamers’ most especially when they say really rude things. I hated it when my boyfriend yelled at me like as if I was his slave. HAHAHA. I guess it was my pride and desire to be better than him / become really strong. I wanted to prove that I could be better than them and I guess I succeeded.

    “I asked a close experienced friend of mine to really seriously teach me. I really did play a lot because I wanted to really be strong. I even almost failed one of my subjects just because of my addiction. I really think that I improved a lot and I met a lot of competitive players just like me. Because of my hard work and addiction, I became a sponsored player of Pacific E-sport in the Philippines, they give my all-girls team money plus freebies and privileges every time there’s a tournament. We also get to play for free in their computer cafes. I was also invited once as a guest shoutcaster of the grand premiere league: Philippines versus Malaysia, Philippines versus Singapore.”

    The of the popularity the competitions shows how important MOBA games are to the industry.

    The of the popularity the competitions shows how important MOBA games are to the industry.

    What are you thoughts on the community? Do you feel it welcomes new players or does the competitive nature of the game sometimes make it difficult for newbies to get involved?

    “So based on my experience, if you really want to learn and improve, I really suggest asking for help from some nice experienced players who would be willing to teach you the basics, I also suggest having a duo partner, believe me it is really hard and traumatic to play alone most especialIy that the LoL players in my country, Philippines are quite really competitive. We have a bunch of toxic players who would really say bad words when one is being noob and stupid in a game. Sometimes they would even quit, feed and aid the opposing team purposely when they are being trash-talked. It’s more fun and enjoying if you’ll play it with someone you know.”

    Sometimes you cannot survive the trash talk not matter what you do.

    Sometimes you cannot survive the trash talk not matter what you do.

    Thank you to Pacific Kyrie for taking the time to respond to us. Her experience demonstrates the difficulties in starting out with MOBA games but also how rewarding the League of Legends community is to players that stick around and work hard despite the difficult beginnings.

    My investigation into MOBA games and why they are taken so seriously continues shortly with another player profile. If you are a League of Legends or MOBA player and would like to share your experiences with us then please let us know in the comment section below.

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    6 responses to “LoL player profile: Pacific Kyrie

    1. Very interesting lady. LoL can be an unwelcome place for anyone new to the game, it always helps to play with more experienced friends if you can. I definitely agree with her there.

      • We’re very pleased Pacific Kyrie took the time to share that with us, if you’ve played some MOBA games would you be willing to share your experience for another player profile? If not that’s no problem, thanks for the comment!

        • Ah, it’s been a long time since I played LoL. I’ll just content myself with living vicariously through your player profile posts. ;D
          Thanks for the consideration though, very much enjoy lurking around 1001-Up.

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