Dota 2 player profile: Exi

Following on from my last article on League of Legends professional Pacific Kyrie, we now move onto our next profile. The following piece on a Dota 2 gamer is the second in a series of articles looking to find out why MOBA gamers are so serious about their favourite title.

Title - MOBA games Why so serious

For the players that have contacted us, we asked a set of questions about their first experiences of their favourite MOBA game. Below are our questions and their responses.


  • Player name: Exi
  • MOBA game played: Dota 2
  • Role: Support
  • Experience level: Experienced
  • Team: None
  • Website(s): None
  • Exi began playing MOBA games with DotA, a mod for Warcraft III.

    Exi began playing MOBA games with DotA, a mod for Warcraft III.


    When you first began playing Dota 2, how was your first experience online? Did any experienced players help you out or did you learn how to play on your own?

    “When I began playing Dota games I started with the Warcraft 3 version of DotA, a friend told me about the game and he started to teach me. He had played for a year or two and we played together every weekend and sometimes during the week as well.

    “If you don’t have the benefit of an experienced friend to teach you then I recommend visiting Join Dota. Here you will see all the professional matches including a livestream and you will also find some good players who want to teach newbies. There are a lot of good players out there and a lot of ways to watch Professional Dota 2, so if you want to learn, a little YouTube research will help.”

    One way of learning to play is by watching the professionals. Exi recommends

    One way of learning to play is by watching the professionals – Exi recommends

    What are you thoughts on the community? Do you feel it welcomes new players or does the competitive nature of the game sometimes make it difficult for newbies to get involved?

    “The actual Dota 2 community welcomes new players much better than original DotA. I say this is because you have so many more tools available that teach you how to play, and you also get to play with people on your same skill level so you will not get abuse for lack of experience.

    “There are two kinds of players: the kind that want to teach and the other kind who argue a lot. Sometimes you will find yourself with a nice person who has been playing for a long time and will try to teach you and other times someone who just plays to win while being rude to his teammates. That’s the main problem as Dota 2 is a team strategy game and new players get used to those that don’t teach and are rude, so they learn to become mean players too.”

    Even the memes are telling us that MOBA games are a serious business for all involved.

    Even the memes are telling us that MOBA games are a serious business for all involved.

    Thank you to Exi for taking the time to respond to us. It seems that the best way to understand how to play MOBA games properly is by one-to-one tuition, otherwise there are other sources that can be used to learn specific games. Sticking to playing matches at your own skill level helps avoid the most serious and disruptive players and thankfully there are systems built into games like Dota 2 to support this.

    I’m due to attend a newbie training event at Virgin Media Game Space in London soon so I’ll be sure to report back on my experience. As always, if you’re a Dota 2 or MOBA player and would like to share your experiences with us then please let us know in the comment section below.

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    3 responses to “Dota 2 player profile: Exi

      • Thank you! I’m really looking forward to it, I just know I’m going to come back as a Dota 2 addict.

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