Top 5 memes: Counter-Strike

Valve’s Counter-Strike has had various iterations since its creation back in 1999 as a modification to the Half-Life multiplayer. Because the gameplay has remained mostly the same over all these years, we look at the memes covering all versions of this extremely popular and competitive first-person-shooter.

Title - Top 5 Memes Counter-Strike

5. Call of Who?

Image 1 - Top 5 Memes Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike used to be the evil that Call of Duty is today except it was mostly PC only. It still has a massive following even now but it’s unfortunately overshadowed by the big console first-person-shooters. The latest version, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is still placed very high on the Steam statistics page for its number of current players.

4. An evil, evil, prank

Image 2 - Top 5 Memes Counter-Strike

This will only make sense to those that know Valve’s games well. For those that don’t: this changes the controls meaning that the fire button is set so that the player commits suicide when pressed. It’s achieved by typing the above into the command console; a silent but deadly prank that will no doubt mark the end of many friendships.

3. I now run everywhere with a knife

Image 3 - Top 5 Memes Counter-Strike

If Counter-Strike players aren’t frantically switching weapons for no reason, they’re running around the map with their knife out. Why? Because you run faster of course! (See the bonus video below.)

2. I can feel them… watching me

Image 4 - Top 5 Memes Counter-Strike

As a below-average player of Counter-Strike, managing to stay alive for more than thirty seconds each round was a miracle; but those rare moments of being the last person alive on my team were the most nerve-wracking experiences of my gaming career. Dead team members were put into spectator mode and weren’t allowed to communicate so you could feel their eyes watching you fail miserably at killing the last of the enemy team or planting / defusing the bomb. Once the next round began the torrent of abuse would then come rolling in.

1. Don’t walk into the light

Image 5 - Top 5 Memes Counter-Strike

The heat of the battle can get too much; you know the enemy team is inside the building but storming in would be suicide. There’s only one choice: to throw in a flashbang and charge in for the kill. The difficulty is getting those two steps in the correct order, without bouncing the grenade off the wall and back like a tennis ball.


This will be a blast-from-the-past for some PC gamers: a video about FPS-Doug from the Internet mockumentary series Pure Pwnage. BOOM HEADSHOT!


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