Two very special events

Today is a very special day: we don’t just have one event to celebrate – we have two! Please join us in wishing the gorgeous P-Diddy, and the lovely Mr and Mrs 3dg3d3mon all the best on this sunny weekend.

A special anouncement

We’ll start with P-Diddy: today he hit the big 3-0! This time last year we were all waking up with hangovers after celebrating his birthday at a 1980s weekend, and below is a photograph of him doing his best Marty McFly impression (shame about the car, it’s not exactly the DeLorean). There’ll probably be a few more embarrassing pictures to share after next Friday when we celebrate with him at yet another 80s night; rumour has it that fancy-dress will be involved so keep your eyes peeled…

Either P-Diddy needs a new watch, or he's trying to be Marty McFly.

Either P-Diddy needs a new watch, or he’s trying to be Marty McFly.

Now time it’s time for Mr and Mrs 3dg3d3mon: today we celebrate their wedding day with them! We’ve known 3dg3d3mon for quite a long time now and he has been extremely supportive with; he has given us so much great advice and even contributed an article. A couple of years ago he introduced us to his lovely lady and we have to say that he certainly bagged himself a good one there! He’s going to hate the fact that we’ve published a photograph of him below, but we don’t care because we think they look gorgeous together.

We'll be raising a glass (or two) to Mrs and Mrs 3dg3d3m0n later today.

We’ll be raising a glass (or two) to Mrs and Mrs 3dg3d3m0n later today.

Congratulations to all of of wonderful friends! Unfortunately however, there is a downside to celebrating two events on one day: we’re likely to be feeling a little worse for wear in the morning so our next article is probably going to be published a bit late. But on the bright side, there’ll be plenty of embarrassing stories and photographs to share with you in our 8 Months-Up update.

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11 responses to “Two very special events

  1. Happy birthday to P-Diddy! And also I hope you guys have a great celebration with Mr. and Mrs. 3dg3d3mon! Just….don’t exceed on the “fun” hahaha

  2. Just to add to the celebration I’ve also nominated you for a Liebster Award! So that’s another one to add to your collection.


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