8 Months-Up

September has now finished and autumn is upon us. It’s one of the best times of the year: Halloween is almost here, Christmas is coming, and there’s nothing better than staying inside playing video games when it’s raining outside.

Featured - 8 Months-Up

We’ll start off as we usually do by saying a big thank you to everyone out there who has ever heard of, looked at or followed our little site. We appreciate your support so much: we’ve now managed to hit views from 116 countries across the world and 229 followers – that’s over a hundred more than last month! Take a look at our dedicated Big-Up page and make sure we’ve mentioned you on there; if we haven’t please let us know so we can put that right.

We’d especially like to thank two fellow bloggers: John Heatz and Planet of the Gamer. John was kind enough to put us forward for the Liebster Award last month and it’s an absolute honour to receive a nomination from someone with that much talent; and the brilliant Planet of the Gamer followed with our second nomination the following week, and posed some really good questions. To be a part of such an amazing community is inspiring!

It’s an honour to be nominated!

It’s an honour to be nominated!

September 2013 saw the 1001-Up.com team go to this year’s Eurogamer Expo at Earl’s Court in London. We met some fantastic people and were lucky enough to get interviews with Flix Interative, Rain Games and Seaven Studio. We’ve already published our Best of Eurogamer picks and will follow up with the interviews very soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to see W1ngman’s presenting debut!

P-Diddy has been busy lining up contributions and it’s a pleasure to welcome our third Contributor, John Heatz with his article on the latest Steam updates. If you’re someone with a passion for gaming and writing who would like to get involved, head over to the Contributors page for information. We’ve been contacted by a few more writers this month so watch this space.

John Heatz rocks!

John Heatz rocks!

Please stick with us because there’s plenty more coming. Our series of articles on the brony fandom continues throughout October (thank you to everyone who has contributed so far); we’re looking forward to meeting up with The Dad, Gentleman Geek this week; the WordPress Family Meet-Up is due to take place on 02 November 2013 (if you’re in London, come join us!); and there’s Halloween week to look forward to at the end of the month.

Yesterday we celebrated two special events – P-Diddy’s 30th birthday and the marriage of Mr and Mrs 3dg3d3m0n – so we’re all feeling a little bit rough around the edges this morning. Never fear though, that won’t stop us from posting various embarrassing photos! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to stay up-to-date on everything that’s happening.

Say hello to Craig, Kim and Phil!

Say hello to Craig, Kim and Phil!

There’s just enough time for one final update before we go. We’ve had a quick refresh of the site this month so we hope everybody is liking the new look! In line with this we’ve also decided to drop our nicknames, so from now on Craig (W1ngman), Kim (Kimmy) and Phil (P-Diddy) will be guiding you through the world of 1001 video games and beyond.

Now we’re ready for a full English breakfast – from Craig, Kim and Phil at 1001-Up.com

9 responses to “8 Months-Up

  1. Congrats on the success thus far, and long may it continue! Enjoy the full English, you probably need the soakage after the celebrations yesterday. ;D

    • There’s nothing like going to work on a Monday morning and still feeling a little blurry around the edges!


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