1001 Previews: Teslagrad

When we were first introduced to this electrifying puzzle-platformer, it definitely demanded our attention and we couldn’t wait to meet up with the developers behind the title. After an engrossing playthrough by myself and Craig at the Eurogamer Expo 2013 we took some time away from the busy Indie Games Arcade to ask Rain Games writer Marte some questions.

Title - 1001 Previews Teslagrad

Teslagrad is about a boy caught up in an ancient conflict set in the city of Teslagrad on the continent of Chroma. The technology of the Teslamancers will enable him to make his way through the abandoned Tesla Tower using magnetism and electricity to overcome obstacles. For the situations where science won’t suffice, he is also equipped with an awesome glove designed for punching stuff which is quite satisfying.

The gameplay consists of some wonderfully fresh game mechanics and challenges; sometimes the route through is not always obvious and will require some imagination as well as skill. There is no dialogue or text but the beautifully hand-drawn, steampunk-inspired visual style does enough on its own to convey the story.

My favourite part of the demo was zapping around with the teleportation ability as the visuals and electrical sound made it feel very tactile. If you are already feeling the static attraction of Teslagrad then a free demo is available right now via Desura.com. The game is charging up to be an excellent indie title, and we look forward to seeing more before finally getting our hands on a copy later this year.

Keep an eye on the Rain Games blog for updates on the project, as Teslagrad will be appearing on PC, Mac OSX and Linux later this year. We would normally ask you to up-vote the project on Steam Greenlight but Teslagrad has already received the go-ahead from the community – congratulations Rain Games!

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