Merry Christmas from and friends

Merry Christmas everybody, and thank you for joining us on this most special day for the year! We won’t keep you too long as we know you’ve got lots of chocolate to be eating, games to be playing, and family to be spending time with. But for now, stay with us a while and feel some festive love.

Featured - Merry Christmas from and friends

We hope today sees you well and full of festive cheer. Most people are probably reaching for another mince pie or dozing off in front of the television right about now, and we’re sure there are plenty of gamers eyeing up the Steam sale to see what they can spend their Christmas cash on. But what are the team and friends up to and do they have any messages they’d like to share with everyone on this magical day? Read on to find out.


Craig: “Feed me!”

“I’ll be spending the holiday period dressed in the worst Christmas jumper I can get my hands on, going around to as many people’s houses as possible and trying to mooch as much food as I can. I might go for my new personal record – three dinners in one day. When I’m not eating, I’ll be depending on my iPad to get me through as I’ll be on the go for a lot of the time and I’ve got The Room 2, The Crystal Maze and New Star Soccer lined up.

“To all our supporters and followers, have a very merry Christmas and thank you for making this year a great one. We hope 2014 will be even bigger and better and we can’t wait for all the exciting things we’re going to be bringing you over the next twelve months.”


Phil: “Steam sales here I come.”

“This year I’ll be making the usual royal visits to family, and getting fat on Christmas dinners and chocolate before sitting down to discuss video games with my brother and sister. I’m going to be playing Battlefield 4 and Rocksmith 2014 (need to get some practice in before February), as well as anything that appears in the Steam sale and one or two secret games that I’ll be reviewing…

“A massive thank you to all of our followers for checking out our little website throughout 2013. I hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable holiday and get all of the games you’re after in the sales. Well done to those that get a next-generation console for Christmas – enjoy!”


Kim: “Hope all your Christmas wishes come true!”

“For the past couple of years I’ve been out of town or country for the festive season so I’m really looking forward to being home for Christmas. My Dad is pretty excited to have both of his kids around for the day and he ordered Diablo III a few weeks ago just so we could all play together over the holidays. On my own, I’ll end up playing something with either a fantasy or fairy-tale like storyline – probably Skyrim or Fable – games that I always seem to resort to over Christmas!

“This year has been a bit of a whirlwind: there has been so many memorable moments and we’ve met so many lovely people. Every single person on our Big-Up page deserves a huge thank you along with a big kiss under the mistletoe. I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true and the new year brings you everything you hope for.”


Our drinking buddy The Dad, Gentleman Geek: “Gaming? What gaming?”

“Are you mad? I’ll be spending Christmas in full-on Dad mode. We’ll be opening stockings, going to church, opening presents, seeing relatives, putting together new toys, playing with the kids, getting fed up with the kids, getting the kids to bed, collapsing on the sofa and maybe enjoying some time as a couple. At some point I’ll also fit in cooking a lunch with all the trimmings and a drop of booze. Gaming will still be there for me in the days afterwards. If I can get some in then great, if not, no worries.

“I hope everyone reading this has a cracking Christmas and a great New Year. Massive thanks to the team for championing my blog to everyone who’s supported me during 2013. I’m looking forward to what 2014 will bring and hope you’ll join me for the ride at

“I might even prepare a delicious Calamari Crab Surprise for Craig and Phil to enjoy…”

3dg3d3m0n became our first contributor – he loves the attention.

Our good friend 3dg3d3m0n: “I’ll be spending the holidays in Rome.”

“This year I will be watching the Steam sales like a hawk waiting for Total War: Rome II to drop in price. Once it does, that will be the rest of my holiday booked for my first massive campaign. Second on my list will be to get around to the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm expansion pack; I’ve been meaning to play this for ages, but the whole litecoin mining craze caught me up and the last six months have been more about that than gaming – fixing that will be a New Year’s goal.

“Other than that, it will be food, friends and family, so I hope everyone out there has a wonderful time that Santa brings you everything you want.”

Kevin Kutlesa B&W

The lovely Kevin from The Mental Attic: “Give me more adventures!”

“I’ll be spending my Christmas and New Year’s with my mother eating some very tasty, highly unhealthy and altogether unseasonal food. We’ll talk, we’ll laugh, we’ll call my sister and her boyfriend on Skype and then I’ll spend the rest of my evening playing through the huge backlog of adventure games that’s piled up over the past couple of months… and maybe write a review or a story or two!

“To everyone who supports this awesome site and mine, thank you so so so much. Happy Christmas and an even happier 2014 – it promises to be one hell of a year! Extra happy ones for Kim, Craig and Phil for putting up with me!”

John Heatz B&W

The fabulous John Heatz: “…and the Grinch has come.”

“This Christmas, as every year – but 2012 – I’ll be spending it by myself, alone at home (well, with my loyal friend Tommy – my nine-year-old Beagle) without celebrating anything. I actually asked for a double-shift at work Christmas day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day… that’s how I roll!

“I’ll be online all the time, either writing news articles, game reviews or waiting for anyone who wants to get to send me a message (yeah, I do chat!), else I’ll probably be going through the world of Skyrim, slashing things and slaying – or taming – dragons! I might play some PES 2013 on my PS3, and Borderlands 2 as soon as it becomes available for PS+!

“Hope that everyone has some amazing holidays, however it is that you celebrate. Remember, you can celebrate for me too!”

Verbal Spew

The gorgeous V from The Verbal Spew Review: “Gobble, gobble.”

“I’ll be spending the break with my nutty family. We’ll eat far too much, drink far too much and be sickeningly merry. We don’t do Christmas Day naps or soaps. We do games. This year we have a movie quiz, followed by a convoluted version of beer pong and rounded off with Kinect Sports for the 360. I know this because it’s my turn to be in charge of the entertainment this year and it’ll be my job to ensure total involvement, under punishment of drunken forfeits.

“I’ll be enjoying an extended holiday so my games schedule is an open one. I’ll have my hands on the newest chapter of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games, along with The Wolf Among Us from the same, and I also plan on wrapping up my narratives for The Last Of Us and Bioshock Infinite.

“To the team and to this wonderful gaming community at large I bid a very merry Christmas, and I hope Santa is good to you.”

xmas 2

Thank you for joining us for this magical time, we won’t keep you any longer. Enjoy the rest of your day and visit us tomorrow if you can, when we’ll be back with another article in our Twelve days of Christmas series. For now there’s just one thing left to say:

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night. ☆

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