Twelve days of Skyrim

Following on from our video yesterday in which we said a ‘Merry Christmas’ to everyone with the help of one of the best-know characters in the adventure genre, we thought we’d have a go at a second round. This time, we’re taking inspiration from The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim.

Title - Twelve days of Skyrim

Skyrim is a great game to play throughout the Christmas holidays. Not only will it keep you occupied for days on end but seeing your character trek through the mountains and slay a frost-troll or two before heading to the nearest tavern for a mug of mead and a beef stew – what could be more festive than that? If you want even more Christmas spirit, you can even get yourself a mod that will allow your hero to fly over the land on the back of Rudolf.

We happen to know that the amazing John Heatz is a big fan of Bethesda’s classic. If you’ve ever read his tweets or have connected with him Steam, you’ll see that ninety percent of the time he can be found getting stuck into the game. So especially for John, please join us for a singalong of Twelve days of Skyrim. All together now: “On the first day of Christmas, Lydia gave to me…”

We hope you had a great day yesterday – enjoy your Boxing Day!

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8 responses to “Twelve days of Skyrim

  1. And just so happen to be currently in Skyrim :P but bad news…I can’t watch the video!!! It says it is set to “private” :(

    • Sorry, I meant to make the video public early this morning but I slept in later than I thought (must be all the food I ate yesterday ha ha ha). It’s good to go now. :)


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