Top 5 Memes: Dark Souls

It has been three months since our last peek into the internet culture of video gaming memes with our last outing back in January taking a look at the top five memes for Half-Life. So what game have I chosen this time? Let’s take a look at some Dark Souls memes.

Title - Top 5 Memes Dark Souls

5. Surprise treasure

Image 1 - Top 5 Memes Dark Souls

One trope found in many video games is that of the mimic; an enemy or hazard that has disguised itself to look like something worth grabbing. Dark Souls doesn’t let this opportunity pass by to scare the crap out of players with turning an ordinary looking chest into a knight-gobbling monstrosity.

4. Reverse psychology?

Image 2 - Top 5 Memes Dark Souls

We’re often told by the media that video games corrupt children’s minds, which could be true considering this meme, but only when they manage to get their hands on mature-rated titles such as Dark Souls. This is also a piece of information that players have to work out themselves while playing, in lieu of a the typical hand holding tutorial found in most games.

3. Random derps

Image 3 - Top 5 Memes Dark Souls

Ah yes, the random internet derp willing to ruin your game in many different and creative ways. Instead of smiting you with their ridiculously overpowered weaponry they kindly take the pressure off you for a moment, leaving you free to jump into that inconveniently placed ravine.

2. Consider me guilty of this

Image 4 - Top 5 Memes Dark Souls

I’m more than qualified to discuss this particular meme after I jumped off the tower repeatedly to defeat the Taurus Demon while most skilled players took him head-on and fell off of the bridge. Can we be forgiven for using cheap tactics after being defeated many times using the normal approach? If the answer is a ‘no’ then you may be one of the very small percent of Dark Souls players skilled enough to beat it legitimately.

1. Welcome and rest in peace

Image 5 - Top 5 Memes Dark Souls

Kim knows all too well about this first boss and introduction to Dark Souls after taking him on many times already. Check out her write-up of the first boss battle to hear more about the frustration and eventual satisfaction from defeating the Asylum Demon for the first time. Countless numbers of players have entered this arena stumbling around the fragile pots while trying to consume Estus Flasks and avoiding the fatal swings from our big bellied friend. In terms of a tutorial it definitely introduces you to the difficulty of Dark Souls and the need to find those cheap tactics to get past enemies without dying constantly.

This concludes yet another look at the top 5 memes for one of the toughest games out there, we’re always on the look out for new memes to make up our next post so please let us know of any you come across in the comments section below.

4 responses to “Top 5 Memes: Dark Souls

    • That’s deeper into the internet and Dark Souls memes than I’ve been unfortunately! Thanks for enlightening us though :)

  1. I particularly like #2 because, after playing video games for as long we have, gamers can get really good at picking up on enemy patterns, and once that happens it turns more into a battle of patience that a battle of skill. I’m looking at you, Gaping Dragon.

    • You’re definitely right, and game designers intend it to be that way I’m sure!


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